Combining Fat Grafting to the Breast with Breast Lift

In the past few years, fat grafting has evolved as a new method for breast enhancement. Recently, this technique has been widely practiced and is gaining momentum. Nonetheless, it has its own limitations in terms of the availability of sufficient donor fat stores and the amount of fat that can be safely injected in [...]

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Recovery from Tummy Tuck Surgery

Unless combined with other surgeries, tummy tuck is performed as an outpatient procedure where the patient is usually discharged home same day. Liposuction of the waist area is frequently carried out at the same time. Recovery from tummy tuck surgery varies from one patient to another and it is recommended that you check with [...]

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Combining Tummy Tuck Surgery with Fat Transfer (BBL)

Liposuction to the waist area (hips and flanks) is frequently combined with tummy tuck surgery. The harvested fat from these areas can be theoretically employed for buttock enhancement in the same setting. Some plastic surgeons believe in staging these procedures. In my opinion, this may potentially deprive some patients from the harvested fat in [...]

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Symmastia after Augmentation Surgery: Causes, Repair and Aftercare

Symmastia is a condition where the breast implants are too close together towards the midline. The cleavage area is tented as if the tissues in that area are separated from the sternum. It has many different names including: “kissing breast implants”, “bread loafing”, and “uniboob”. Symmastia can be congenital which is rare, or iatrogenic where it usually [...]

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