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When can I shower after surgery?

I recommend that my patients shower within 48 hours after a Mommy Makeover, Breast or Tummy Tuck surgery. Skin is the largest organ of the body and is also the most exposed to threats. Within 24 hours after surgery, your skin is exposed to the leaking tumescent fluid that is [...]

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Recovery From Fat Transfer To The Buttocks Surgeons vary in their aftercare protocols following buttock augmentation surgery. Therefore, It is best to follow your surgeon’s advice following surgery. Generally speaking, recovery from BBL varies from one patient to another based on factors related to the patient, the surgery itself and surgeon’s expertise. In my opinion, it takes 6-8 weeks for [...]

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Smoking and Body Contouring Surgery

It has been established that smoking related diseases increase both anesthetic risks, as well as risks of complications during surgery and recovery. Smoking is known to: • starve your heart of oxygen • form blood clots in your veins • find it harder to breathe during and after surgery • increase you risk of [...]

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Body Contouring Improves Weight Control and Quality of Life

A Reconstructive Procedure in the Treatment of Obesity Losing a significant amount of weight, whether from bariatric surgery or diet and exercise, takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and keeping it off can sometimes be even more difficult. In addition, many who have lost considerable weight are still unhappy with their bodies [...]

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